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This bracelet is shaped as a rare shell called Cypraea Nucleus. It's mainly distributed in the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean, and known for its beautiful striped texture. It is embeded with a 3 mm natural gemstone of your choise: Tanzanite, Emerald, Australian Opal, London Blue Topaz, Ruby or Amethyst.
this bracelet is 62 mm in diameter. 

Each gemstone has its unique color and its unique cosmic qualities, so you can choose a gemstone that suits who you are.  All the gemstones we use are 100% natural, and sourced only from suppliers that have strict ethical requirements.

The  Cypraea shell ring is made from 925 silver, if you are interested in another metal such as gold or rose gold, please contact us. 

Your unique piece of jewelry by Joon The Label has been handmade using traditional jewelry techniques and high quality materials. Since we create by hand each piece, slight variations are to be expected and are part of what makes our designs one of a kind.

Cypraea shell bracelet

₪380.00 Regular Price
₪342.00Sale Price
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